Did you know by making just the minimum payments on your credit cards it can take you 28 years or more to eliminate your debt? Did you also know there are ways to be completely debt free within 6 to 18 months?

Years ago, a consumer struggling with credit card debt would likely have only two options — hiring a Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) or filing bankruptcy. Over the past decade, however, a new approach to resolving consumer debt, called “debt settlement” or “debt negotiation,” has become widely available as an alternative. With it came countless unlicensed, unregulated, debt settlement companies promising debt relief, but they actually made matters worse making it hard to distinguish a legitimate company from a fraudulent one. This caused the Federal Trade Commission to enact new laws in 2010 to protect consumers from these unscrupulous companies.

A better option may be retaining an attorney that specializes in credit card litigation. Since 2005 attorneys have eliminated over $500,000,000 in consumer debt and won millions of dollars in damages and awards from banks, debt collectors and credit reporting agencies for clients. A qualified attorney can determine if you're a victim of predatory lending and if you are entitled to a refund or even damages.

The key to successfully getting out of debt is to take action. Don’t sit back and do nothing. You won’t get out of credit card debt by sitting back and complaining. Yes, it’s confusing out there in the world of debt relief so call us today to learn more and make an informed, educated decision about the different options available to you.

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  • No special training to handle contract negotiation
  • No specific schooling or licensing
  • No license or degree at stake
  • No governing institution
  • Unauthorized to practice law
  • Illegal operation

  • Lawsuits
  • Judgments
  • Garnished wages
  • Liens
  • 1099
  • Credit ruined
  • Harassing calls and letters
  • Employment problems
  • Average cost is $0.60 on the dollar

  • Deal with a licensed professional with specific training in contract law and consumer rights
  • May represent a consumer in the court of law
  • Expert in negotiating financial instruments and finding violations
  • Will protect consumers against lawsuits
  • Regulated by the State Bar